Hi! I’m Dale Christensen

I am announcing that my campaign as a Republican candidate for President of the United states is OFFICIALLY SUSPENDED.

I want to thank the many faithful supporters who encouraged and supported this effort, even though we never were allowed much of n opportunity to advance our ideas. Thank you for your belief, your help, and your patriotism.


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Dale posts regularly on topics he feels are most important to the future of America. His posts inspire patriotism and call America to action.

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11-point Immigration Solution

Please consider my 11-point solution to our current immigration crisis.

Truth is Like an Apple

Now truth is like that apple. It’s very plain to see, If it’s in your hand at present or in a distant tree.

So hold to the fruit of wisdom, while old or in your youth. Wherever you may find it, the truth is still the truth.

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Battle Cry of the Patriot

The battle cry of the Patriot is always to stand fast by the Constitution, to defend God given individual rights and to take personal responsibility for the future. … The Patriot is willing to take risk and to defend the rule of law. … There are Patriots in all parties and among all peoples. –Dale H Christensen

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In God We Trust

It is not only the divine right, but it is a noble and compelling responsibility for people to fight for and protect freedom. –Dale H Christensen