A Critical Crossroad

We are now at a critical crossroad in our nation. The nation must choose which path to take.

For many recent decades, our country has been stumbling in an effort to discipline itself to act within constitutional limits. We have been approaching this perilous place for some time now. We are now at a critical crossroad in our nation. The nation must choose which path to take.

We the people are again divided. We are not divided by loyalty to a foreign crown or to a specific state. We are not divided over slavery or voting rights. Instead, we are divided over ideologies addressing the increasing role, size, and influence of the federal government. We are divided between depending on God or rejecting Him and depending on people alone.

This election, the leader chosen by the American people will greatly influence the country’s ability to resolve these divisions, unite the factions, and move the country forward, beyond partisan politics and on to growing its prosperity.

The same old approach will only lead us to the same old results–division and weakness.


  1. Dale – You’re preaching to the choir. The problem is that Hillary Clinton will win next year because of all the people that are enjoying government benefits and programs and they will be voting for her. How can you reach those people? Do they want to work or stay on welfare?

    God bless – Walt

    • Dear Walt,

      My intention is to preach to the choir so they will be motivated to SING and loudly. It is amongh the first responsibilities of any politician to speak to the hearts of the people nearest them in ideology, ignite their hearts, and expand their vision. Then, with their added voices, preach to those in the pews. Then, with their added voices, shout from the rooftops those messages that will engage the minds and ignite the passions of the masses in the undecided middle. Those will be enough voices to claim victory. Add your voice, Walt. Consider buying my books– a case of them for the price of only shipping– and give them away to everyone you know. I invite your perspective, your frustration, and your focused support. Let’s make a difference together today!




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