A Word in Praise of My Dad, Irven Christensen

My father was a humble man who always provided for his family, but placed far more emphasis upon instilling virtue, values and example in the hearts and minds of his children and others rather than a dependence upon money. He strived to help me understand my relationship to God and man, to set my priorities in order, and to analyze, evaluate with adequate foresight, and finally to prayerfully look to a Higher Source to aid in problem solving. He blessed me with adequate health, mental stability, and wisdom to make sensible decisions. I learned to set and achieve short and long-range goals for my personal good as well as for the good of my family. As a boy, I knew I had an important work to do. I had no fear of hard manual labor and sincerely wanted to be out with the men hoeing beets, driving trucks, bucking hay, harvesting spuds, etc. I was so ambitious and enthusiastic that my parents always cautioned me to look ahead, slow down, and be careful. I still have this enthusiasm for a meaningful life today.

While I maintain this zest for life and progress, I believe I can also provide America with the desperately needed wisdom and a spirit of discernment to lead the United States at this most critical time.


  1. You got me hooked with your statement that you’re a patriot.
    Hope you promote this more. All presidents are supposed to go be patriots. As are all citizens , or so I thought
    So where do I buy your books???
    You are the girst politican Im excited about. And the only hope for
    The country. So I’m in the process to learn more about you
    As an avid reader of success books not e books

    • Thanks for the kind, suppoprtive, patriotic words, Tom. You can buy my books for only the price of shipping from this website by clicking here. God bless you, and God bless America!


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