Dale's Plan

The Solution - A Simple Formula

Dale Christensen
What is my plan?
A formula to balance the budget, eliminate the national debt, and “right size” government is the only way to rebuild a robust economy. To achieve these goals, Americans need a clear vision and plan for what the solution to our problems looks like. It begins with a president who acts within constitutional limits. Outlined here is a formula for the solution to the problems:
A. The Constitution - Forward to Basics
B. Tax Repeal and Reductions
C. Organizational Restructuring
D. Spending Reductions
E. Legislation
F. Economy
G. Welfare Entitlements
H. Discipline of Public Servants

My plan to successfully implement this formula is to run for the office of president and by using a revolutionary campaign approach. Along with a clear and simple vision, I will provide information and tools for the public to get to know me using both a traditional platform along with a dynamic social media approach. Both platform and approach will be available for others to adopt or adapt as their own in seeking public office. We will also provide the campaigning tools for them to use in following the patriot path to freedom. These tools will include website and social media support, personalization of biographical information, speech writing and issue statement focus.