One Nation Under God

It is our opportunity and responsibility to carefully consider where we are as a country.

I will be ever grateful for the sacrifices of men and women through the ages who have made nearly unimaginable sacrifices so I can be a citizen of the United States of America.  Many of our ancestors came to America through remarkable sacrifices to give us the freedom we enjoy as Americans.  They came to an America where the motto “In God We Trust” was more than an outdated inscription on the coinage and legal tender, and the phrase “one nation under God” was more than a phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance.  These ideals expressed their understanding of the proper relationship between God and our nation–that God was and ever would remain a vital influence in the affairs of both people and their government!  God was (and is) the constant, kind master that held (and holds) all of us united and focused on maintaining our God-given unalienable rights to “life, liberty and justice for all.”

It is our opportunity and responsibility to carefully consider where we are as a country. We are now at a most critical cross road in the life and history of our nation. We the people are divided. We are not divided by loyalty to a foreign crown or to a specific state. We are not divided over slavery, voting rights or equality. Instead, we are divided over ideologies addressing the increasing role, size and influence of the federal government as opposed to powers reserved to the states and the people. We are divided between depending on God or rejecting him in our lives and in our government.

One thing is certain: the freedoms that our forebears fought for—the freedoms they gained so that we could experience the prosperity we enjoy today—can be lost far more easily than you can imagine. And, when God is displaced and government becomes the master, and the people become its servants, God sanctions and supports the right of the people to revolt and put both God and government in their rightful place. It is not only the divine right, but it is a noble and compelling responsibility for people to fight for and protect freedom. Such was the case in the thirteen colonies leading up to the Revolutionary War.

I believe that now is the time for those who believe in God to unite, rise up, and stand together in the cause of liberty and restore God’s influence in not only our personal lives but in the vital role his influence has had in establishing and preserving this great nation.

With God’s influence, we make better neighbors–both as a nation and as individuals.

With God’s influence, we make better decisions–both as a nation and as individuals.

With God’s influence, we make greater sacrifices for the benefit of future generations–both as a nation and as individuals.

Isn’t it time to stop kidding ourselves that those who would remove God from the public discourse and the public square are only seeking fairness and balance and a healthy separation of church and state?  It should be very clear to all who observe that these will only stop when God and our expressions of devotion and gratitude and dependence upon him are driven from all public settings.

I invite you to stand boldly in preservation of these ideals. I invite you to reconsider the role of God in your life and in our lives as Americans. Then, as you become clear, as I have, that God’s role needs to be restored in our lives as a nation and as individuals, I invite you to share this important ideal with others.

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  1. I agree that God will never allow this great nation to fail, unless we abandon Him first.


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